Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Madrid, Spain (July)

Arte Ponte. Scope Basel, Switzerland(June)

Musa, Women's Essence, Pons Foundation. Madrid, Spain (April)

Great Banyan Art, Around the World in 7 Days. Claridges Hotel, New Delhi, India (March)

Barcelona International Art Fair. Museo Maritim, Barcelona, Spain (December)

Art and Science Award. Museo D’Arte E Scienza, Milan, Italy (May)

Great Banyan Art, Telling Tales. New Delhi, India (March)

The Jubilee Of The Mercy 2016, International Association Gallery Il Collezionista, Palace Maffei Marescotti (February) and the Vatican in the Palace of the Chancellery (March), Rome, Italy

"Art In Mind", The Brick Lane Gallery. London, UK

3 works selected to be exhibited on screens at Saatchi Gallery. London, UK

The Lloyd Gill Gallery. Weston-Super-Mare, UK

Colorida Gallery. Lisbon, Portugal

Marzia Frozen Gallery, "Apocalypse Now". Berlin, Germany

II Palacio Gipsoteca Libero Andreotti, "Art & Integration". Pescia, Italy

Showdown Winner at Saatchi Gallery. London, UK

Galería Orfila. Madrid, Spain

Arte Sevilla with Galería Victoria Hidalgo 'De Arte'. Madrid, Spain

Chelsea Gallery. New York, USA

Galería Crisolart. Barcelona, Spain

Ward-Nasse Gallery. New York, USA

International Association of Women in the Arts. Madrid, Spain

Artexpo New York. New York, USA

Ward-Nasse Gallery. New York, USA

Arte Santander. Santander, Spain

"Artemanía". Madrid, Spain

Artexpo San Francisco. SF, CA, USA

Montserrat Gallery. New York, USA

Gallery Design Consortium. Cincinnati, OH, USA

Ward-Nasse Gallery. New York, USA

Art Fair "InterArte". Valencia, Spain

Art Fair "Artemanía". Madrid, Spain


Galería Orfila. Madrid, Spain

Galería Orfila. Madrid, Spain

Galería Akka. Valencia, Spain

Galería Orfila. Madrid, Spain

Galería Agurcho Iruretagoyena. Pamplona, Spain

Galería Ofelia Aparici. Madrid, Spain

Gallery Design Consortium. Cincinnati, OH, USA

Cultural Center "Anabel Segura". Madrid, Spain

Studio Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. Madrid, Spain

Galería de Arte Victoria Hidalgo. Madrid, Spain

World Economic Forum, Hotel Belvédère. Davos, Switzerland

A number of her paintings are distributed amongst several international corporate art collections, such as the Daimler Collection, Investcorp – Bahrain, Healey & Baker – Madrid, and a number of private collectors.

About Maria Aparici

I've been walking the line between representation and abstraction, using fewer and fewer elements. Some so simplified they're almost unrecognisable, but I also go from definitively unfinished abstracts, to modernized figurative art.

I work in an eclectic way, going from naturalistic portraits of solitary men, to grotesque caricatures of weeping, stupid, lascivious, catholic women (never in my portraits).

How do I proceed in my abstracts? I start with a scribble, a single line. Straight away follow animated forms, my conscious intuition invents loose curving brushwork, that sometimes ends up in agitated and aggressive work, which I never recycle, because within my invented world, spontaneity and fast work gives me this freely composed universe. I don't use any preparatory drawings, never copied a single form  from previous works, I always invent new ones.

Work is executed with speed and immediacy, any calculation or attempt to control it results in the work controlling me. I've abandoned the fitting quality of inserting forms surrounding figures with black lines, Beckmann influenced that moment of my art. Now my more distorted figures have a freer quality, maybe it is because I feel freer, my wriggly lines are blown up explosions of floating ambiguity, because this is exactly how I feel at this moment of my life, a floating idea that goes nowhere.

Oh, and if you’d like to see my video work, visit my YouTube channel.