I never took painting portraits seriously, but I always felt curious about it. Whilst studying Fine Arts I was never taught how to proceed with a face, how to even start a portrait. So I learned on my own, and it wasn't until recently that I realised I have an intuitive ability to go straight to the heart of the subject.

It took me a year to paint my very first portrait of Mr. Charles Saatchi, and in 2018 so far I've produced almost one hundred. Borrowing images from different angles downloaded from the internet, I can create quite accurate portraits, whilst avoiding falling into caricature.

I think a face is built over time, through all the experiences that person endures. By concentrating on the subject's features, particularly their eyes, expressions, and gestures I am capable of reproducing their aura by memory.

I believe my final touch gives the portrait something else, a certain "je ne sais quoi, de moi", just a little bit of myself that adds to the work a shared spirituality that goes beyond the boundaries of a convincing portrait.